We designed the Rockready Volo gig bag to be tour ready; it’s also the perfect solution for everyday gigs and rehearsals. The Volo helps you organize all your gig and rehearsal stuff with intelligently designed pockets. Your stuff always within reach and easy to grab when you need it!

Ever miss an important phone call because you couldn’t find your phone in your gig bag? Search in seemingly every pocket twice before finding your keys? Pull out your tablet or phone only to find the screen scratched?

The Rockready Volo gig bag has you covered on all that and more. Never miss that important phone call or fumble for your keys again. Never worry that your tablet or other gadgets are not protected from unwanted scratches. And most importantly never worry about your guitar or bass if you accidentally drop the bag or it gets knocked over. We designed our Rockready Volo gig bag to be tour ready!

Rockready is a new concept for guitar accessories for the gigging musician. Gear ready for the stage and also gives back to the music community.

Rockready delivers elegant, durable and functional solutions for musicians.

  • Designed by gigging musicians
  • Committed to stylish, functional, high value gear
  • Delivering form, function and details so you’re Rockready
  • Supporting our community! We donate a portion of proceeds to Little Kids Rocks, a non-profit organization that “transforms children’s lives by restoring and revitalizing music education”


We’ve packed our gig bag with features for today’s gigging musician. Built to protect your guitar or bass for a long time with solid construction and features that every musician can use.

  • Durable outer covering
  • Integrated ABS panels
  • Detachable Tote bag

  • Keep your guitar safe from scratches. We’ve lined the inside of the
    Rockready gig bag with soft fabric and protective patches to keep both
    your guitar and bag protected.
  • Keep your neck safe and secure with our neck support. Our neck support locks
    and protects the most vulnerable part of your guitar or bass.
  • Thick padding to protect your guitar or bass against accidental drops and falls with extra padding at base with end-pin cut away

  • Tired of digging for keys and searching frantically for the phone when
    it’s ringing? Our top pocket keeps your phone, keys, and pens all close
    at hand. Key holder keeps keys away from phone screen – no more
  • Hide away shoulders straps with a chest clip for those long hikes to the gate
  • High quality, locking zippers that keep working

  • The optional detachable Tote bag that’s sized perfectly to carry a micro
    pedal board or tablet to your gig, rehearsal or writing sessions.
  • Need a safe place to carry your tablet or iPad to rehearsal, gig, or just around town? Tuck it into our form fitted padded pocket inside the Tote bag.
  • Our uni-strap adjusts for right or left shoulder carrying.
  • It’ll become your indispensable bag for around town.

  • Be seen at night! With our reflective piping you’re sure to be seen!


  • Worked successfully in the industry from all sides of the fence. From designing and distributing gear to using it while performing on stage, our multifaceted team has many years of valuable experience. At Rockready we’re combing our our passion for music and great gear to bring you the best value and the most feature rich guitar and bass accessories available.
  • Helped design and launch many products in the US and world market places including Mooer micro pedals, Pickboy picks, Dr J pedals, MTD Grendel and Kingston basses, EBS amps and pedals, and many more.
  • Delivered results to our brand partners. This time we’re working directly with our artists and industry contacts to build the Rockready brand into a name that
    musicians around the world can trust.
  • Rockready – delivering elegant, durable and functional solutions for musicians.

2 thoughts on “Story

  1. After searching for a gig and road worthy bag. I chose Rock Ready because, I liked the quality and lightweight protection that it offered. I bike a lot and the back pack straps and reflective lining makes it safe even at night. the optional Volo mini bag keeps some pedals and stuff with you. There are so many bags on the market but, I chose this one based on quality and options, the fact that they donate money to help reach kids with music. It does not get any better then this!


  2. I thought you would want to hear bassist Kilian Duarte talk about his Rock Ready Gear in our recent October cover interview.

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