Moa Henriksson

Moa Henriksson hails from Sweden. Finding her love for music at an early age, she began as a singer and then took up bass. But her true love became the six string guitar and songwriting.

Dead Heroine

BIO: Hailing out of Los Angeles, CA and pooling from bands like Norma Jean, Architects, and Tonight Alive, Dead Heroine puts out a mean foundation of assaulting dissonance while keeping the overall vibe accessible and relatable.

Booker King

Artists like Santana, Angelique Kidjo and Paul Simon have all relied on Booker’s solid groove to lay down the foundation for their songs. Booker commands the pocket. At 6' 4" tall, his large stature belies the delicate intricacy of his groove.

Wally Hustin

BIO: Chicago session ace bassist Wally Hustin recently was hired by DEACON BLUES, they’re America’s premier Steely Dan tribute experience. The group began when eleven Chicago-area studio and stage musicians agreed to form a jazz-rock vehicle to honor the music of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen. Wally has recorded or performed with Dave Mason (Traffic), … Continue reading Wally Hustin

Jay Gore

Jay Gore is the hot lead guitarist who plays in Mindi Abair’s band. An in-demand session player in Los Angeles, he has played with artists as diverse as Hilary Duff and Lauryn Hill, as well as doing studio work for a variety of renowned artists of different genres. Jay has also written/co-written songs that have … Continue reading Jay Gore

J.P. Cervoni

J.P. Cervoni BIO Says J.P., “I first started to copy licks from Rory Gallagher, Mike Pinera, Paul Kossoff, Eric Clapton, Leslie West, and what I got from them was two folded, ONE, the guitar-into-distorted-amp thing, TWO, more important, the phrasing that was part of their style, which for me, was coming from the blues. Learning … Continue reading J.P. Cervoni

Zak Loy

Zak Loy BIO : Zak Loy is currently the guitarist for national act Alpha Rev and the touring guitarist for Ed Kowalczyk (lead vocalist of Live). Zak Loy has been performing live and touring the country for about 16 years. In those years he has had the opportunity to record a dozen different records with … Continue reading Zak Loy

Thiago Trinsi

BIO: Thiago Trinsi grew up listening to folk music from the south of Brazil but also Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Led Zeppelin 80s Ballads, and later on Joe Satriani, Steve Vai , Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Greg Howe, Frank Solari, Eric Johnson, Kiko Loureiro, John Petrucci, Andy Timmons, Michael Angelo Batio, Brett Garsed, and Guthrie Govan. … Continue reading Thiago Trinsi

Vashon Johnson

Yes, that’s right. Vashon Johnson. Vashon is the bass player responsible for holding down the low-end in some of the top acts today. In addition to the top earner Miley Cyrus, Vashon has just added The Jacksons to his ever expanding “Who’s Who” of the music industry. And what gig bag does Vashon rely on … Continue reading Vashon Johnson

Kevin Walker

BIO Kevin Walker started playing the bass because the guy across the street had one. Kevin was a big Jackson Five fan and always wanted to be in the Jackson Five. When he saw this guy’s bass he just wanted to touch it – see what it felt like to hold the instrument. Once he … Continue reading Kevin Walker

Rodney ‘Skeet’ Curtis

BIO Rodney ‘Skeet ‘ Curtis is a funkadelic powerhouse. His playing incorporates elements of funk, R&B , and jazz into an unmistakable style. Born in Baltimore in 1956, Rodney ‘Skeet ‘ Curtis has played with P-Funk since 1977. Prior to joining P-Funk, he played with local bands in Baltimore. Projects include recordings with the Firm … Continue reading Rodney ‘Skeet’ Curtis

Gennaro Esposito

Gennaro Esposito BIO: Based in New York City, Italian born Gennaro Esposito (a.k.a. Genny or Jenny Esposito), was introduced to the guitar during his adolescence and regularly played gospel and soul rhythms on the electric guitar for his church starting at the ripe age of 10. Like many young guitarists of his time who were … Continue reading Gennaro Esposito