UltraStrap 3.5

The next generation in comfortable straps. The Rockready Ultrastrap combines leather, elastic and neoprene elements to provide the most comfortable, adjustable and rocking strap available. The neoprene pad provides comfort and cushion, the elastic adds just the right amount of give without adding bounce and the adjustable leather tail piece makes the strap a one size fits all. Ours adjusts from 47″ to 57.”

Available for $44.95 at a store near you!



Product Details

Material neoprene, elastic, top grain leather
Width 3.5 inches / 8.90cm
Length 47″ to 57″
Model UltraStrap 3.5

Research and Reviews

Buy smart! Here are some resources for you to further investigate the Volo gig bag. We’re players too and know that all the research doesn’t always lead to the right purchase. No worries, buy with confidence with our 7 day at home trial period.

no treble : Gear Review: Rockready Volo Bass Gig Bag and UltraStrap 3.5

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