Vashon Johnson

Yes, that’s right. Vashon Johnson. Vashon is the bass player responsible for holding down the low-end in some of the top acts today. In addition to the top earner Miley Cyrus, Vashon has just added The Jacksons to his ever expanding “Who’s Who” of the music industry.

And what gig bag does Vashon rely on night in and night out? Our Rockready Volo + Volo Mini. The Volo protects his bass and his gear whether he’s doing a gig around town or flying to a different continent.

When asked to describe his playing style he says “I like to disappear into the music…or maybe it’s that I’m a chameleon.” Either way, he’s an accomplished artist whether playing on upright, electric or synth basses. “I find it a great compliment when I’m playing (one) and someone tells me “I didn’t know you played (the other).” Rather soft-spoken and cerebral by nature, Vashon uses his instruments to express alternative personae. “They’re all different instruments and when I play them, I feel like different personalities. I approach each one differently.”

Welcome aboard, Vashon!

Artist Spotlight

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