Gig Bag Buyer’s Guide : 10 Essential Gig Bag Buying Tips

Don’t miss out on our 10 essential gig bag buying tips. We know there are many great options in gig bags these days. We also know that you want to get the most bang for your buck. That’s why we’ve put this Gig Bag Buyer’s Guide together.

A gig bag purchase is essential to most guitar players, and a well-designed and well-made gig bag will protect your guitar for many years. With a careful eye to detail you’ll get a bag that will meet all your needs at the right price.

2 thoughts on “Gig Bag Buyer’s Guide : 10 Essential Gig Bag Buying Tips

  1. I was “sold” already, before seeing the video. Living in the Netherlands my main problem is: how and where can I buy the bass gig bag with the backpack? I’m in love with the design and quality you made your products with. So I very much hope I can buy a bass gigbag very soon (either in the Netherlands or on the internet) 😎


    • Hello Simon,

      Thank you very much! We are expecting shipment mid-August and we will have a distributor based out of England. I’ll know more in the next 2 weeks and will get back to you with some more solid info. We appreciate the support!

      Kind regards,
      Neal Walter


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