Rotosound Exclusive UK Distributor For Rockready

For Immediate Release

New York, NY – 11 Sep 2015 – Rockready names Rotosound as the exclusive distributor for the UK.

Rockready is pleased to announce that Rotosound will distribute Rockready products exclusively in the UK. The announcement was made just this week but the two companies have been working together since March to bring Rockready to the UK. Rotosound has just received it’s first shipment of Rockready Volo gig bags and has started fulfilling orders to UK music shops.

An exciting weekend in London and the London Bass Show in March gave the bass players of London and the surrounding area the first look at the Rockready Volo gig bag. The local players and dealers in attendance received the bag well and prompted Jason How to remark, “It’s a quality bag and will fill a niche in the UK market, plus Rockready, what a great name!”

Volo and Mini

Volo and Mini

The Rockready line –  designed by musicians for musicians –  looks to innovate some everyday tools essential to musicians. The Volo gig bag solves many issues with some simple and elegant solutions. There’s a dedicated phone pocket that’s easy to reach, a clip to hold your keys, backpack style straps for comfort with a chest clip for long treks, reflective piping for nighttime safety, a locking zipper for security, a neck holder, and the list goes on. There is also an optional Volo Mini bag with dedicated tablet pocket. It’s the perfect companion to the Volo or perfect to use on it’s own.

Why Crowdfund?

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way for individuals or companies to raise money by asking many individuals to contribute funds. Most crowdfunding takes places on the internet through Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Contributions start for as little $1 and go up from there.

Indiegogo-LogoWhy is Rockready crowdfunding the Volo gig bag?

We want to bring our idea for the perfect gig bag to the market and connect with other guitar players that have a need for a better gig bag.

What do you gain by contributing?

You get a fantastic, one-time only price as low as $99 for a gig bag that will protect your guitar and serve you well for many years. After our crowdfunding concludes, the price of our gig bag rises to $159. So don’t miss out on this opportunity. If you haven’t checked out our campaign, click here to see it.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the internet levels the field and gives small companies, like us, the opportunity to bring our ideas to the market place. Now, with crowdfunding, our customers have a chance to participate in the process. Your contributions tell us if we’re on track – if we’re meeting a need of yours – and have developed an idea that will be a viable product.

LKR_ClrWe also look at Crowdfunding as a way to develop a community of people that share common interests : great gear with a social conscience. You may have already know that we’re giving 5% percent of the proceeds from our Crowdfunding to Little Kids Rock. When we reach our goal, Little Kids Rock can get 25 kids a music education for a whole year! This is part of our Rockready mission statement. Once the crowdfunding is complete we will continue to give back to the music community.

The Future

We’re planning more guitar accessories and will continue to use crowdfunding to gauge interest, raise money, and give our Rockready supporters the first opportunities to participate and get the best deals on new gear.

We look forward to your questions and comments. If you have any specific concerns post your comments here or email us.

The Team at Rockready

Gig Bag Buyer’s Guide : 10 Essential Gig Bag Buying Tips

Don’t miss out on our 10 essential gig bag buying tips. We know there are many great options in gig bags these days. We also know that you want to get the most bang for your buck. That’s why we’ve put this Gig Bag Buyer’s Guide together.

A gig bag purchase is essential to most guitar players, and a well-designed and well-made gig bag will protect your guitar for many years. With a careful eye to detail you’ll get a bag that will meet all your needs at the right price.

Rocking the World With Your Guitar

So you got the call and you’re going to the coast to do the gig. Congratulations! Have you thought about how you’re going to get your guitar there?

Traveling and especially flying with your guitar is always stressful. A successful trip with your guitar starts at home. We’ll run through some suggestions on how best to pack it and get you prepared for the security gate at the airport if you’re flying.


First the good news. Since the beginning of 2015, the DOT has harmonized rules that require airlines to allow small instruments such as guitars or violins as carry-on bags in overhead storage or under seats. These rules further state musical instruments should be stored just like other carry-on bags, on a first-come, first-served basis. Nobody has to remove a bag to make room for a guitar, but once the guitar is in the overhead bin, its owner doesn’t have to move it for anyone else.

So get to the airport on time, to the gate early, and board as early as you can. Pay for Priority Boarding to make sure there is space for your guitar in the overhead bins when you board. If there is no space available, you still may need to check it at the gate. There is always the fall back of asking if there is space in the crew’s luggage closet.

The foolproof way is to buy an extra seat for your guitar. For larger instruments like tubas, double basses and even double gig bags for electric basses, this may be the safest option.


us-airport-securityRemember that if you’re flying you need to go through airport security. So check your gig bag for all things that may delay you passing through security. The obvious things to check for are bottles of liquid like polish and water, tools and other sharp implements, and of course anything else that you may carry in your gig bag that may not be legally welcome on board. A set or two of spare strings, a few picks, maybe a cable or two, and a tuner is all you really need to pack in your gig bag with your guitar. Anything you pack in the bag is just extra weight you’ll be carrying to and from the gate. Always to put as much as you can in your check-in bag if you are checking a bag.


guitar_gigbag_015With the new flight rules in effect, a good quality gig bag should suffice. However, if there is not enough room on board and your guitar needs to be checked then you’ll want a gig bag with at least some ABS panels for extra protection to protect it in transit and on the belt.

The advantages of a good gig bag are that they are light weight, easier to carry than a hard shell, very protective, plus have many pockets and other features that can better organize your stuff for gigs and rehearsals.

Some features to look for in a gig bag that can come in handy in case you have to check it at the gate are high density foam padding, an ABS shell, neck support, a luggage tag, and stowaway shoulder straps. If you always check your iPad or tablet with your then a detachable bag can also come in handy.

Another option is to use a flight case. A flight case will protect any instrument the best. These are usually custom fitted to your guitar so you should not have to worry about the guitar being damaged. The downside is the expense of the case, the extra fees of checking an over-sized item, and the weight of lugging it to, and from, the airport and into, and out, of vehicles.

A third option is the hard shell case that came with your guitar.  This is the middle ground. You’ll need to take a few precautions to make sure your guitar arrives safely. First, find some bubble wrap and wrap it around the headstock, neck, and anywhere else there seems to be a bit of room between the guitar and case. Then you want to make sure the guitar is not rattling around inside the case. Make sure the case closes well and tape the latches shut with packing tape. This will help prevent the latches from opening accidentally. And don’t forget to put your name, phone number and other contact details on the case.

ON ARRIVAL :beatles-Arrive-NY

You’ll need to do a quick check of your guitar’s set-up on arrival. Often the temperature and humidity are much different at your destination, not to mention the different conditions on board the plane.  These sudden changes in environment can wreak havoc on your guitar.  The neck is especially vulnerable to these sudden changes. If you have an acoustic guitar and are checking it, you may want to consider using a guitar case humidifier as the conditions in the hold of an airplane are extremely dry. A little prevention goes a long way.

Even when traveling on the ground, changes in temperature are something to consider. As a rule of thumb, if your guitar has been in the trunk of your car in the freezing cold for a couple of hours or more, open the gig bag when you get inside and let it warm to room temperature while you’re setting up. There’s nothing like putting on a cold guitar and then having to tune up after each song until the strings warm up.

In very extreme cases the neck may need to be adjusted when traveling from one climate extreme to another. Find a good shop with reputable repair ship and they should be able to adjust the neck.


If you follow these steps and prepare at home before you travel, rather than on the way to the airport, you’ll have some peace of mind so you can focus on playing instead of worrying about your guitar.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Please comment.

Rockready Releases Volo gig bag for Guitarists

Rockready designed the Volo gig bag to be tour ready; it’s also the perfect solution for everyday gigs and rehearsals. The Volo gig bag protects your guitar and helps you organize all your gig and rehearsal items with intelligently designed form factor pockets.

Rockready-Volo-Mini-attachedThe Volo gig bag is rugged, durable, and comfortable. It comes equipped with a hard-wearing shell, impact resistant high-density padding, integrated ABS panels, and a neck support to protect against drops and falls. The design team added discreet and easy to reach pockets for your phone and keys and high quality locking zips. To make those long walks around town or to the gate more comfortable they added padded shoulder straps and a trekking style chest clip. And they know from experience that lots of your travels will be at night, so they’ve designed a very stylish reflective piping that adds assurance for night-time safety.



There’s also the Mini Volo bag which detaches easily from Volo with four hook and loop attachment points. The padded shoulder strap adjusts so you can carry it over either shoulder. It features a padded pocket to carry a tablet so you don’t need to worry about scratching the screen. It’s also roomy enough to fit a micro pedal board. Carry all your essentials to the stage or around town in the Mini.

“Rockready is the result of combining our passion for music, great gear, and our feeling that we can do something positive for the music community,” says Ed Matthiack, President of Rockready. Rockready is donating 5% of sales to organizations that benefit the music community. Rockready is working with Little Kids Rock, a great organization that has helped over 400,000 children in the US get a musical education. Rockready plans to have an artist board that will help guide the mission. “That’s been the plan from the start with Rockready, continues Ed Matthiack, “offering tour ready gear, outstanding value, and helping the music community.”

The Rockready Volo gig bag is available for guitar and bass.