Exclusive Interview : Moa Henriksson


1) Tell us about your musical background

I’ve done music for as long as I can remember; from lip syncing to Spice Girls as a kid to where I am today.

deadheroine_rockreadyVolo_studio2) What are you working on now?

My band Dead Heroine has started pre production for our sophomore album. I’m super excited about the direction this album is going. (Ok that was maybe swedlish so please feel free to edit the wording haha). It’s basically a spinoff on our first ep, Eleven, the number of awakening. This album is digging a little deeper on that same theme about waking up and realizing what’s really important in life. The musical direction is also much heavier. I can’t wait to show you all!

3) What is the role of education in music?

There’s a lot you can learn in a classroom but I find that the most important lessons you learn out there in “the real world”. I have a music degree myself so I’m pro education but don’t forget to listen to your heart and gut!

4) How do you feel about the current ‘state of the music industry’?

In today’s industry you can no longer just be a musician.  You have to be a business (wo)man too. This is the hardest part for me in my career because I just love to play.

5) Why do use Rockready gig bags (video question)

Rock ready is the best gig bag I’ve ever used. I love how every little detail in its design fills a purpose, from the locking zippers, to the glow in the dark edges and not to mention all the compartments for documents, cables, keys, phone.. With the tote bag on I can fit literally everything I need for a gig (including 2 pedals) in my gig bag! Except for my amp of course.

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